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How to add the thousands like in facebook status

How to add the thousands like in facebook status , this is real , free and no spam .
Facebook is a very popular social media today, Facebook used ranging from kids till adult.
The usefulness of  the Facebook era is increasingly more varied, ranging from mere for media ber socialization up to the means for business.However, at this time the article I want to share an article about adding like on our Facebook status in a safe and not a spam.
A Facebook account is secure and not affected by the hack.

Certainly for those of you who love the hobby of meng cool upload photos to Facebook will feel a little ashamed, if the response obtained less so good, ranging from no one commented or nothing like the status of our pictures.

How to add a like free in your Facebook status for free, the stride is as follows.

Make a Facebook or static images, and do not forget to change the viewer's submissions to the public
  • Entry to this address,Here
  • Kik " get acces token" 

  • Input your Facebook email and password, do not be afraid, this is 100% safe and not spam , then click get akses tok and wait

  • Copy passcode tokens as I red ring, do not include the quotes ,If the access token does not appear, try to sign in to Facebook You first, then go back to the page, and repeat the process as above.
  • Next back to this page 
  • Paste code akses token 

  • Login Anda wait , dont forget to very captcha anda wait 10 second abd you will redirect
  • Oke , in dashboar click menu auto like 

  • Selecta status and then click submit ,,, wait And if succes 
  • Check status Facebook 
  • Woowww amazing 

  • If it is still less satisfied with like obtained, how can this be repeated again .

Oke ,Quite a few tutorials on this time if anyone want to ask please leave it in the comments section below

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